Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunset in Central Park by Sarah Morgan

Sunset in Central Park by Sarah MorganFrankie Cole grew up on Puffin Island with her best friend Paige Morgan. And Paige's brother Matt. Matt, who has been secretly in love with Frankie for years. But Frankie's prickly. At least, that's how I described her in my review of the first book in this series. And she has reason to be. Her parents... her mother... they're... interesting. And it really screwed her up. But one night, she finally wakes up to the fact that Matt is a man. A handsome, handsome man. One who not only loves her madly, but respects and needs her wicked-mad landscaping skills .
This book was not the up-all-nighter that "Sleepless in Manhattan" was for me. It felt a little... meandering. There was a little too much going on. And I didn't love that we had to return to characters for another series. But it was a good book and I'm ready to read about Eva and her mystery-writing and mysterious hero.

Three stars
This book comes out August 30
Follows Sleepless in Manhattan
Followed by Miracle on 5th Avenue

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