Thursday, August 18, 2016

Murder at Rough Point by Alyssa Maxwell

Murder at Rough Point by Alyssa MaxwellEmma Cross is delighted when she is requested to come and cover an artists' retreat at her Vanderbilt cousins' "cottage." What she doesn't realize is that she will be covering people from her past. People like Edith Wharton. And her own parents who she hasn't seen for four years. But she doesn't know about the latter when she's invited to stay at Rough Point to better observe the party.
And what Emma really doesn't understand is the strange undercurrents invading the retreat. Even as early as the first lunch, there seem to be silent conversations happening that she can't understand. And artistic temperaments that she can't even begin to relate to.
Then there's a murder. And another. What exactly is going on at Rough Point? How will the storm exacerbate tempers? And why are her parents acting so strangely?

Three and a half stars
This book comes out August 30

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