Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Wrong Question, Right Answer by Elle Casey

Wrong Question, Right Answer by Elle CaseyOof. I was so looking forward to this book (and not just because the "lithping" plot moppet would have a smaller role.)  Toni was such an interesting character in the first two books. Strong, independent woman who had killed a man. And then, right away, she's sidelined by an unexpected pregnancy. The description of this story says that she's thrown for a loop, more than that, I'd say that she's caught up in one. One that we have to read about, her making bad decision after bad decision. I get that she is supposed to be growing but I'd rather not see that growth come about as as a result of such rampant stupidity.
Antoinette “Toni” Delacourte is a kickass operative of the Bourbon Street Boys. She's always had the hots for Lucky, the computer specialist. Like, always-always. Since they were kids. But she didn't think he liked her so she got involved with a bad guy. A really bad guy.
Too bad she didn't know that Lucky also had the hots for her. Because he did. And one drunken night leads them to that realization.
I so wish that their romance had been more to the forefront of this story. Instead we got one hookup, a pregnancy, a lot of Toni looping in her own head, and then an HEA. I just didn't feel it. Unfortunately, I just read the first book within the last week and comparing the fun of that book with the angst of this book just made this book seem so much... angstier. I will read Thibault's story but I'm worried about whether I will enjoy it.
Two and a half stars
This book comes out August 23

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