Monday, August 15, 2016

Run to You by Rachel Lacey

Run to You by Rachel LaceyAnother small-town romance? Gimme. Fake relationship? Eh. Not my favorite. In fact, I was super-stoked that Gabby said no at first when Ethan first proposed the plan. I get that the former Olympic swimmer wanted to make his dying grandmother happy, but that just doesn't seem like a great way to do it. But then, Gabby's abusive ex is in town so....
I did love that Gabby wanted to stand up for herself. Oh, and that she's a video game designer. Loved it. And Ethan is beyond romantic in letting her figure out their relationship steps. She sets boundaries and he <gasp> sticks to them. Does this happen in other romance novels? Certainly. But I haven't gotten to read too many of them and we definitely need more out there.
There were some clunky parts of the story but overall it was a fast and fun read with a hero who was an alpha male but NOT an alphahole and thus a delight to read. I really wish that Gabby hadn't been so gung-ho about not using condoms. Just not smart but Ethan did stick to his guns (mostly).
I hadn't read Rachel Lacey before (at least not in my memory or according to Goodreads) but I am very much looking forward to her next Risking It All novel. I think fans of Susan Mallery and Rachel Gibson should do the same.

Four stars
This book comes out August 23

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