Sunday, August 28, 2016

Woman in the Shadows by Jane Thynne

Woman in the Shadows by Jane ThynneI requested this book from NetGalley thinking it might be rather like a Susan Elia MacNeal book. Unfortunately, it was rather more of a trudge (a combination of clunky writing and bad editing as well as a plot moppet whose charms I couldn't quite see).  It may have helped to have read the first book (I did not). There was some recapping but I felt like there was some character exposition that I missed. I did like the character portraits (especially that of Magda Goebells, pointing out the drawbacks of the Nazi system) and the historical aspects, but parts of the plot stretched the suspension of disbelief rather to the stretching point.
Clara Vine is a famous actress who is trying desperately to hide the fact that she hates the current regime, especially since her father is a Nazi sympathizer. He is also English (she is only half German) which is why Clara is invited to the Goebells house to help entertain the Mitford sisters. See, originally they were supposed to tour a nearby bride school but a girl has been murdered and the school has been put on lock down. Then another girl is murdered and Clara is hot on the trail, all while starring in films, being part of the Nazi publicity machine, and being a spy for England.

Three stars
This book comes out September 6

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