Friday, August 19, 2016

If I Only Had a Duke by Lenora Bell

Lady Dorothea Beaumont is tired of the marriage mart. She's tired of being shepherded around and made to act the perfect lady in the hopes that she might capture the eye of some titled gentleman. And she's tired of being known as the girl whose illegitimate half-sister "stole" Dorothea's husband. Instead, she'd rather live with her aunt and perhaps catalog the art collection of the Duke of Osborne.
If I Only Had a Duke (The Disgraceful Dukes, #2)But Dalton, the duke, doesn't believe that an eligible miss would be asking to see his collection just so that she could catalog it. He believes that she has more devious plans. So he does his best to ruin them by waltzing with Dorothea and thus making her popular. Basically plunging her into her worst nightmare. But he doesn't need her distracting him from his true purpose; finding revenge on the man who killed his younger brother.
An okay story but I had problems fitting together all of the pieces. There was a lot going on. A LOT. An interesting book that I think Bell fans will enjoy.
Three stars
This book comes out August 30

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