Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sleepless In Manhattan by Sarah Morgan

Sleepless In Manhattan by Sarah MorganThis book is evil. EVIL I tell's ya. I could NOT put it down. It was horrible. Just horrible. Did I have problems with the "she's my best friend's sister, so hands off" storyline? Yes. Sarah Morgan worked her magic and made it <i>almost</i> reasonable. But still felt a little false. And in this story, the best friends were a little <i>too</i>. Eva was too sweet, Frankie was too prickly. But I'm guessing that will be straightened out in their own books. The books which I can NOT wait for. Hopefully they're already in the pipline because I am distraught (distraught, do you hear me?) that I can't read Frankie and Matt's (Paige's brother) story.
Also, did we have to have yet <i>another</i> trio of one blonde, one brunette, and one redhead? Couldn't they be a trio that are ash, mousy, and platinum blondes?
But I quibble. And despite my numerous quibbles, this was a REALLY good book. Even the end (not the end-end but the lead up was a little too pat and predictable for me) couldn't knock this down to three stars.
Paige is on Cloud 9, convince that she is about to be promoted only to find out she (and half of the company she works for, including her two best friends) have all been fired. It's Jake (her brother's best friend and her lifelong crush) who convinces the women to go into business for themselves. He's a handsome and successful bazillionaire who dates a new woman every month. So when his attraction to Paige finally boils over, sparks will fly (or is that mixing metaphors?). Either way, this is definitely a book worth picking up!

Four Stars
Followed by Sunset in Central Park

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