Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Underdogs by Sara Hammel

The Underdogs by Sara HammelI was zooming along, this was a perfectly nice book told in first person by Chelsea Jestin. It was a little confusing at first because it switches between "before" the murder and "after" but both are done chronologically so it gets easier as you read. The golden girl of the country club, Annabel Harper has been murdered and left by the pool. As the story unfolds, it seems like there are so many people who might have wanted her dead. But Chelsea and her best friend Evie are the only two who are invisible enough to wander around the club hearing all the pieces of the puzzle.
This story is not just about Chelsea, who has a pretty horrific past, but also about the evolution of Evie. And it was the ending, the ending that was fairly clued, that just sent me over the edge. A slow start but a killer end.

Four stars
This book comes out May 31

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