Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Useful Woman by Darcie Wilde

A Useful Woman by Darcie WildeLife hasn't been particularly kind to Rosalind Thorne in the last five years. She came home from a ball on cloud nine from a ball, certain that she was about to be engaged. To a second son, but she loves him. Or could. But her world collapses when she learns that her father has lost their family's money and is running away in shame, taking only Rosalind's older sister. Over time, her mother died and Rosalind was given a home by her godmother. Rosalind has also managed to make a little place for herself in the society that has shunned her by helping others who are in an untenable situation. One of those women is Honoria Aimesworth. And Honoria's mother is asking for help again. But this time, Honoria is about to be engaged to a duke, Rosalind's former love. Rosalind turns them down but when Honoria's brother turns up dead in the hallowed halls of Almack's and Rosalind is the one to find him, she finds herself drawn into the mystery.
I really liked this story and hope that somebody does some really good line editing before it goes into print (lots of sighs, a countess addressed as "Your Grace," and some interesting comma placements). This is very much like a Maisie Dobbs but set in an earlier time. I do like the fact that Rosalind seems to be fallible with several characters mentioning that she often misplaces her loyalties (although did it need to be mentioned quite so much?)
It was a fast read and I'll definitely put the second book on my "watch for" list.
This book comes out today
Three and a half stars

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