Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Yoga Lifestyle by Doron Hanoch

This is a very earnest book. The author definitely put a lot of thought into how he would lay out his process to living a yogic life.
The Yoga Lifestyle by Doron HanochIs it very different from other yoga books? Not really. There is definitely that very typical "yoga tone" that comes through in the writing. And it includes most of the same poses that you'll see in other yoga books. This book is nice in that some of the modifications actually get their own pictures, though none of the standing poses do. There is the addition of the doshas which is nice, but the discussion of them is super basic. This book does also include meditation and eating techniques so it really does encompass the whole idea of a Yoga Lifestyle.
Will non-yoga-practioners benefit from this book? Maybe. But I think a basic understanding of yoga (all the branches, not just asana (movement)) will be more helpful. The pictures are as helpful as possible but nothing beats going to a live class with a good teacher (a point that Hanoch does make)
Could you get the basic gist of the book just by reading the bullet points at the end of each section? Pretty much.
Overall an okay book. It's not really geared toward a yoga neophyte but there are some helpful hints such as recipes. There are quite a few yoga techniques that are renamed as being "Doron" techniques but they're not new or specific to this author.

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