Monday, March 14, 2016

The Jewelled Snuff Box by Alice Chetwynd Ley

Somebody compared this book to Georgette Heyer and I can sort of see it. The WTFery is a little lower (a little) but it is a historical with very little physical interaction but a story that is continuously on the go.
The Jewelled Snuff Box by Alice Chetwynd LeyWe start with a poor, but moral, young woman, Jane Spencer. She is on her way to London via public conveyance when the stage is stopped by snow. Lo and behold, she stumbles over a body in the snow. It's a man who has lost his memory. When she finally gets him to London, he apparently wanders off again without even a thank you. So Jane goes on her way, becoming a companion to the same girl that used to torture her in boarding school. Oh, but that same girl is now married, but seems to be having an affair with... bum bum BUM... Jane's amnesiac. Who doesn't remember her.
A fun story full of classic romance tropes that regular romance readers will love.

This book came out on March 4
Three and a half stars

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