Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Forbidden Duke by Darcy Burke

The Forbidden Duke by Darcy BurkeMiss Eleanor Lockhart had resigned herself to living with her father after her first (disastrous) season ended in scandal. But he's lost all of his money in a ill-fated scheme and Eleanor must go to work. IT is just her good fortune to have been hired/adopted by the Countess of Satterfield. Instead of a companion, the Countess seems determined to set Eleanor set up for a second season. At least it's keeping her off the back of the stepson she so desperately wants to see married.
That stepson, Titus, known more colloquially as the Forbidden Duke, is ecstatic. Until he meets this new companion and feels an instant connection. Even his newly acquired mistress loses flavor. Though he tells himself that he is just trying to help her have a wonderful season, how can he ignore his feelings for her?
As a slightly-longer-than-usual novella, this book felt a bit rushed, like major conversations were jumped over. But it was an okay book. I didn't love the set up for the next trilogy but understand why it was added.

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