Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Scandalous Proposal by Kasey Michaels

A Scandalous Proposal by Kasey Michaels
In the first book, An Improper Arrangement, we met Cooper Townsend who was recently given the title of Baron for work he did at a battle outside Quatre Bras. According to the pamphlets currently flooding London, Cooper is a hero who saved a pack of children who had wandered onto the field of battle. A blonde-headed, green-eyed hero. Too bad that's not quite the truth. And too bad he's being blackmailed.
Three Stars

Also being blackmailed? Miss Daniella "Dany" (what's with that spelling? SO distracting) Foster's sister, a countess. Who's going to help them? Well, a bona fide hero of course.
I did NOT like the initial description of Dany. It made her sound like she was twelve years old. She's twenty-one but good God, she sound like a child. Which makes the romance in this just super ooky.

Three stars
This book came out today
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