Sunday, March 20, 2016

Stop the Presses by Robert Goldsborough

Stop the Presses! by Robert GoldsboroughThis was an ARC so I didn't count against it that there was a really weird back and forth of whether  contractions are used. On one page, you'd have "you are" and a few pages later it would be "you're" with no rhyme or reason. Very distracting.
I requested this book because a)I love Nero Wolfe and b)I was excited that Lon Cohen, our favorite press junkie, is featured. Specifically, he's very worried that one of their more... contentious reporters seems to be getting increasingly threatening letters. Muddling the issue is the fact that Clay has pissed off so MANY people. But he's narrowed it down to five people who are the most likely to want him dead.
And then... Cameron is found shot to death. The police say it's suicide but the newspaper's owners aren't so sure.
Close to the Rex Stout voice and certainly better than "Black Coffee" but the mystery was a bit week and the characters didn't... seem like themselves (can you say that about fictional characters?) I did  really like page 35 ,the juxtaposition of loath and loathe.

This book came out March 8
Three stars

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