Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Gentleman's Game by Theresa Romain

A Gentleman's Game by Theresa RomainNathaniel Chandler, prodigal son (as he self-styles himself), has reluctantly returned to Chandler Hall where he discovers that his father's horses are mysteriously falling ill and his father's (female!) secretary has become even more alluring since he's been gone.
Rosalind Agate knows there is more to Nate than meets the eye. She herself is covering up many secrets while trying to uncover others.
When the two are sent on a mission to make sure that a neighbor's horse makes it safely to his next race, the interest between them sparks into passion.
A nice, steady book. Regular Romain readers will quite enjoy as will regular historical romance readers.
Three and a half stars
Comes out February 2, 2016

Follows The Sport of Baronets

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