Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Presumed Puzzled by Parnell Hall

Huh. I thought I had been keeping up on the Puzzle Lady books but my library is lagging seriously behind. When I got this ARC, I was surprised to see how much time had passed. But that didn't affect my enjoyment of the book.
Presumed Puzzled by Parnell HallBecky , the local lawyer is having trouble finding a client so she asks Cora for help. When Cora finally finds a client, it doesn't go well. Paula Martindale is found over her husband's dead body with a knife in her hand. And she doesn't want to let Becky do her job. The problem with this case is that the more they clear Paula's name, the more it seems that Cora may be the killer.
A serviceable Puzzle Lady mystery. It certainly follows the formula of previous books in the series. Would you have to have read all the other books in the series? No. In fact, it probably helps to have a fresh eye.

Three stars
Comes out January 19, 2016

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