Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Spring at Moss Hill by Carla Neggers

Russ Colton is in Knight's Bridge because Daphne Stewart has an uneasy feeling about the master workshop she's going to be doing there. We met Daphne in previous books (she lived in Knight's Bridge for two years, but as the last surviving family member of the sawmill owners, she has ties to the town. She also had 40 years as a fabulous costume designer in Hollywood, even won Oscars) but Russ is brand new to KB, no ties. He's been assigned to an apartment across from reclusive children's book illustrator, Kylie Shaw.
The Spring at Moss Hill by Carla NeggersAnd why is Kylie reclusive? It's never really explained. Oh, there are throw away sentences about the fact that she just doesn't want people to know, but never WHY. There was no trauma in her past, no wanting to stay out of the limelight. She just didn't feel like it. And then freaked out that the new PI in town was going to discover her identity. It felt like a tempest in a teacup.
Reading through the book, it felt like there were several story lines that ran parallel to each other, but that never really overlapped. As if there were a warp but no weave, if that makes sense. There was no reason for them all to be in the same book.
Overall, it was okay, but not one of the better Knight's Bridge books.
Three stars
Book comes out January 26, 2016

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