Friday, January 1, 2016

Sailor and Fiddler by Herman Wouk

Sailor and Fiddler: Reflections of a 100-Year-Old AuthorIt is sad but true that I am a graduated English major who never read any Herman Wouk. Of course, I know of this author; Marjorie Morningstar has long been on my TBR list but the length is... <whew!> prohibitive. But I enjoy biographies and requested an ARC from NetGalley on the basis of this being an autobiography of a 100-year-old man. It is not a biography plumbing the depths of Wouk's life (upon seeing the 100-page notation, I guessed that) but it is a charming (can one call a biography a novella? Maybe it's a novella-length biography?) read nonetheless. For such a celebrated author, Wouk has a rather dry sense of  fame, not falling into the pitfalls of his own press. He also has a wry affection for his long-time wife (who died in 2011) that shines through in every mention of her.
A nice book for those who haven't read Wouk's work and one not to be missed for those who have.
Three stars
Comes out on January 5, 2015

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