Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Untamed Earl by Valerie Bowman

When she was fifteen, Lady Alexandra Hobbs, second daughter of the Duke of Huntley, encountered Lord Owen Monroe and fell immediately in love. It's too bad that he's such a rogue. With such a bad reputation. And it's really unfortunate that he's going to be engaged to her incredibly sister Lavinia.
Lord Owen doesn't especially want to marry the oldest daughter of the Duke. Hell, he can't even remember who she is. But his father is tired of hearing all the gossip about Owen and wants him to settle down. Owen isn't interested. Especially once he finally figures out who Lavinia is -- her reputation being, possibly, worse than his. But his inheritance is on the line so when Alexandra, who he christens Alex, offers to help, he readily accepts. Too bad he's so much more attracted to her.
The Untamed Earl by Valerie BowmanA good story that regular readers of Bowman will enjoy as will new-to-her readers. The last Big Misunderstanding was solved rather quickly so I'm not sure why it was included and I was a bit frustrated by Owen but overall a good book.
I am very interested to read the next book in the series. Especially since both the decent-seeming Lord Berkeley and Belle of the Season Sarah Highgate both seem to be heading to Scotland.

Three and a half stars
This book comes out May 3
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