Thursday, April 7, 2016

Built to Last by Aurora Rey

Built to Last by Aurora ReyI've been trying to expand my reading habits so I requested this book from NetGalley. It was my first F/F book and I, for the most part, enjoyed it. Of course, there was a Big Misunderstanding at the end that threw everything off but generally I enjoyed Ms. Rey's writing. The situation with Gerard... didn't seem like it got resolved. And while I generally liked Joss, Olivia was okay but a bit self-involved and it didn't seem like she changed all that much.
Olivia Bennett has just bought a fixer-upper. But she's a professor at Cornell, not a carpenter. So she hires Joss Bauer to help with updates. But sparks start to fly and soon the two are living together.
I did like that Joss and Olivia's relationship problems were all because of relationship-type-things, not people having issues with their relationship. It was interesting watching them work through their issues.
Three stars
This book comes out April 12

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