Friday, April 29, 2016

All Murders Final! by Sherry Harris

All Murders Final! by Sherry HarrisSarah Winston started an online garage sale, never dreaming that it would lead her to discovering a dead body. Specifically, that of Margaret More, a woman seemingly beloved by all. At least she was well-respected. Except that she and Sarah had had some words on the garage sale site which makes her a possible suspect. It gets weirder when a picture of Sarah next to the body comes up on her Snapchat-like app. And the pics keep coming; someone is stalking her. Possibly the same person that attacks both Sarah and another garage sale site buyer. As the bodies piles up, it appears more and more like Sarah might be on the list to be the next.
This book again delves into the relationship between Sarah and her ex-husband CJ. She still has feelings for him and can't decide whether or not getting involved again with him is the right thing to do.
I didn't love Sarah in this book. Stubbornly sticking to trying and find the murderer. At least the men in her life didn't keep trying to keep her out of it (not too much). And I'm trying to decide whether or not I liked the very end of this book. I think it's where the series has been leading but I'll hold out until we read more about the future in the next book.
This book came out April 26
Three and a half stars

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