Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Girl from Summer Hill by Jude Deveraux

Deveraux's books for me can be good or WAY too twee. This book was quite fun. Especially with the play on Pride and Prejudice with chapters that were just fun. Of course, knowing P&P made particularly squirm-worthy when Tate Lander's (Mr. Darcy) ex-brother-in-law Devlin manages to pull the wool over Casey's eyes. The phrasing is the same as ever, just a little TSTL, but in a re-working of an old favorite, it really works.
The Girl from Summer Hill: A Summer Hill NovelAcacia "Casey" Reddick is sipping her tea one morning when she's shocked to see a man come jogging into her yard, onto her porch, and then... he strips down. And takes a shower. Then, he runs in yelling at her before storming out again.
Tatton "Tate" Landers (where the HELL do these names come from? I mean, I know where they come from  but as names for romance characters?) is a bona fide Hollywood hunk. He's been typecast into the role of the brooding hero in period pieces. Which is fine as long as the paparazzi isn't following him around taking pictures when he's supposed to be on his down time. Tate's only in Spring Hill as a favor to a long-lost relative who helped Tate buy his family's estate. How annoying that he has to read for Mr. Darcy in the community theater play. But that's what you do for family. And, if you're Tate, that includes family you'd rather forget (i.e. Devlin).
I really dislike the "I'm on the pill so let's forgo condoms" especially in an otherwise very cute novel. I mean, it's nice that it was included but there are SO many other reasons to use condoms than just birth control (all of them STDs). Definitely took me out of the story and knocked it down a half star overall.
Four Stars
Will be published May 3

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