Thursday, February 11, 2016

Murder with a Twist by Tracy Kiely

Murder with a Twist by Tracy KielyI got the second book in this series, made it half-way through and realized I wanted to start from the beginning. Even with the nausea-inducing reading caused by an ebook that wasn't well-edited (nothing I did would make all of the font stay on one page so I had to keep flipping back and forth), this was a decent story. I misjudged the murderer because I relied too much on the "Thin Man" movies that the characters are based off of.
In this case, it was Nicole "Nic" Martini who is the former detective (NYPD rather than private) and Nigel who is the offspring of a wealthy family. Nic is still the fearless detective who solves the case, however, it is still the male (Nigel) that retains much of the humor and the borderline alcoholism.
Nic has been asked to track down the profligate husband of Nigel's cousin Audrey (shades of the second movie in the series). When he ends up dead in the men's room of the Ritz, a lot of people would be relieved except that Audrey is found standing over him with the knife in her hand.
A fun story and worth reading.
Three and a half stars
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