Thursday, February 25, 2016

Wedding Night with the Earl by Amelia Grey

Wedding Night With the Earl (The Heirs' Club of Scoundrels Trilogy, #3)Adam never wanted to be an earl. Especially since he blamed himself for the deaths of his wife and child. But now he's Lord Greyhawke, guardian of his five-year-old heir apparent, and he's been commanded by the king to go to London and find a wife. He hasn't even bought the clothes that would distinguish him as a peer. But he schlepps himself and the heir (Dixon) to town and there he immediately puts his foot in his mouth at the first party he attends.
Katherine has never had this happen to her. Most of the ton knows she doesn't dance because of the two accidents that now cause her to walk with a cane. But the Earl, without even a proper introduction, is demanding that she dance with him.
And thus begins their courtship.
The language, not unusually for Ms. Grey, was a bit flowery for me. Plus Adam was pushy (but it was okay because he was a different kind of pushy from her family. Really?) and the ending was REALLY fast but overall a nice story.

Comes out March 1st

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