Monday, February 22, 2016

Skinny Dipping with Murder by Auralee Wallace

Skinny Dipping with Murder by Auralee WallaceThis was certainly a... frenetic book. Frustrating at times, but mostly enjoyable.
When Erica Bloom visits her hometown, Otter Lake, for the first time in eight years, she's not there because she wants to be back. Rather, her mother is perpetrating insurance fraud and she wants Erica to help. Never mind that Erica had a hideously embarrassing episode eight years ago. One that comes up even as the book opens. Then there is a death. And an attempted murder. And then the police department (one, a former friend-ish-type person who may or may not believe Erica is guilty, and the Sherriff, her high school crush and possibly one of the perpetrators of the prank that the townspeople are still talking about) seems to believe that she's a viable suspect.
Dealing with a town full of people that all seem obsessed with the past, a mother who doesn't seem to exist on this plane, a former crush who is still Ken-doll-perfect, and a group of women who are sticking around just to play amateur detective with her means Erica has her hands full.
I didn't love the love-interest's first attempt at reconciliation , nor his second for that matter, but it was an okay book and I'm excited to read the next one in the series.

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