Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Madwoman Upstairs Catherine Lowell

I am stymied as to how to think of this book. On the surface, it's a literary exploration of what it might be like to be related to the famous Brontë family but living in the modern day. Samantha Whipple is the great-grandsomething of Patrick Brontë's (father of Charlotte, Anne, Emily, and Branwell) sibling, the only member left of the family. Her father, a noted writer and notorious drinker, famously flamed out of life when she was 15. Rumor had it that he had a cache of Brontë items. However, Sam knows that's not true. But then why are his copies, his personal copies, of the Brontë novels showing up in her dorm room (a windowless tower room). And why now? Why not right after he died?
The Madwoman Upstairs by Catherine LowellIt was an interesting story. The scavenger hunt connected to books is not a new idea but this is certainly a new tack to take. I generally liked the story but got honestly confused in places. And I never quite connected with Sam. Probably because of her general social awkwardness, having been home-schooled in such an odd manner. So, it's a treasure hunt, but there is an underlying romance, and then LOTS of delving deep into literary criticism and general criticism of scholars and writers. All of these themes fit together, but roughly, like puzzle pieces forced into particular slots.

This book comes out Mar. 1, 2016

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