Friday, January 13, 2017

The Resurrection Man by Charlotte MacLeod

When I saw this book was available as an ARC, I sort of recognized the author's name. I had read the previous book in this series last year and had had little problem jumping into the story. That was not so with this book. There are a lot of characters. A LOT. And while there is some background given for each, knowing the characters ahead of time would have been very beneficial.
Unlike the previous book, this book actually focuses on the titular series characters. Max is somewhat restricted because of a broken leg but that doesn't stop him from getting interested when a flighty artist friend mentions that she's working for a group that does restorations. Then he further discovers that almost of the restored items are being stolen.
This was generally an okay story but the ending got weird. Really, really weird.

Three stars
This book was re-released December 2016

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