Thursday, January 26, 2017

Between the Devil and the Duke by Kelly Bowen

Angelique Archer is trying to support her family in the only way she knows how, by counting cards at the only club open to women, LaVoie's. She revels in the knowledge that she can feel safe because she is unnoticeable and completely forgettable.
Except someone has noticed her, Alexander LaVoie, club owner and rumored assassin. He is curious about this woman who comes in and always wins... but never extravagantly, never drawing attention to herself. And then he finds out how truly wonderful she is at mathematics. Between her brains and her wit, he feels himself start to slide into love.  He's just convinced her to become a dealer in his nightclub (she wants to know how much his customers should win, she's worked out the probabilities and is prepared to keep it to whatever level Alex likes), when her brother, a marquess, is arrested for murder.
Angelique is going to need not only the help of Alex to get her brother out, but the Chegarre Agency as well.
Angelique was a little annoying just because she was SO SMART and Ms. Bowen kept showing us HOW SMART she was but I really liked that she created her own agency, even when it seemed like it should have been unavailable as an unmarried woman of that time.

Four stars
This book comes out January 31

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