Tuesday, January 24, 2017

On Second Thought by Kristan Higgins

On Second Thought by Kristan HigginsDamn it, Kristan Higgins. Why must write such wonderful books full of so many feels? All the feels. I think I started crying around page 10 and then just kept going. I loved the characters in this book, even the ones we didn't really get to know (Nate). Even the despicable Eric could have been painted as much more a two-dimensional villain but came off as more deluded than anything else. Ainsley was maybe a little (a LITTLE) too goody two-shoes but she also let a guy walk all over her for too many years so it was nice to see her develop a spine. Especially nice that it was for herself and not because of some new relationship.
The book opens with newlywed Kate reflecting back on the last day with her husband, Nate. They were heading off to a cancer-free celebration for her (half)-sister's boyfriend. We get a rich picture of all four of them almost at once. Kate and Nate (just realized how twee that is!), both older, in a whirlwind romance that they're just figuring out after being married for four months; her sister Ainsley who never really had a chance to fit in with the rest of the family, being a result of a father who cheated on his first wife, then happily gave her the responsibility of raising his second wife's daughter when the second wife died and he re-married the first wife; and Eric, a fairly narcissistic man who is used to being adored by one and all.

Four and a half stars
This book comes out January 31

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