Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Seven Minutes in Heaven by Eloisa James

Seven Minutes in Heaven by Eloisa JamesEugenia Snowe is well known in the haute ton as being the proprietress of the premier governess service in England. But when Edward Reeve starts demanding replacements for the women caring for his half-siblings, Eugenia is pushed harder than she ever has been before.
Edward Reeve is a bastard, but his brother and sister are not. They were, however, scarred by living with the mother that the three of them shared. Now their mother's mother is trying to gain custody of them and she is a Duchess while Edward is merely the bastard child of two aristocrats. When he meets Eugenia, he falls immediately into lust. He doesn't realize that she is not only the daughter of a marquis but the widow of a viscount and assumes that she is just a former governess, someone that is perfectly acceptable for him to dally with.
Overall a nice book. I didn't love the kidnapping but if anyone could make it even slightly less than super-creepy Eloisa James is the one.

Three stars
This book comes out January 31

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