Monday, October 3, 2016

Searching for Disaster by Jennifer Probst

Searching for Disaster by Jennifer ProbstLike most novellas, this one was just a little too short to really get into the characters as well as develop a good story. And this one had parts that were just a little too twee. Big props for not allowing a Big Misunderstanding though and actually having (well, one of the characters) talk it out.
Isabella MacKenzie was a screw-up. A drug-addicted screw-up. A stark contrast to her sweet and happily married sister Alexa and an especial contrast to her own surgeon twin, Genevieve. When the novella opens, Isabella is trying to calm her demons by hooking up with a guy who has old Hollywood good looks, Liam.
Liam is visiting his little brother in college while he himself is on break from cop school. At a party, he meets and has an epic one night stand with a girl whose demons are close to the surface. He recognizes that and walks away but still, six years later, can't forget Izzy.
In the present day, Izzy is two years clean (thanks to her best friend Raven (the bartender from the Billionaire Builders series?)) and working at Kinnections, the wildly successful dating agency around which the "Searching For" series rotates. When the ladies of the agency talk about setting her up with Stone's partner Devine, Isabella tells them she isn't ready. She's still working on herself. But then she realizes just who Devine is...
I thought Liam was a little too pushy but overall liked that he was (mostly) willing to wait for Izzy to come to her  own conclusions about their relationship. I think regular "Searching For" readers will not be disappointed by this addition to the series.

Three and a half stars
This book comes out September 10

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