Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Christmas Day at the Office by Matt Dunn

A Christmas Day at the Office by Matt DunnThis was everything that I wanted from a British Christmas novel. Though I wouldn't have minded a little more mayhem. I do love a nice, gentle novel that then ranges into mayhem. Anyway.
Everyone at Seek (a search engine company) is on tenterhooks. They've just been bought out by an American firm, iFeel, owned by an eccentric billionaire, Tony A. Wood, who has invited them all to a mystery Christmas party. No one knows what or where it is but it's pretty well spelled out that it's mandatory attendance. Probably so they can all find out that they've been fired.
The people from Seek include Juliet (about to be divorced) and her boss/bed partner Mark. She's just discovered that her divorce is about to go through which should delight Mark because they can finally bring their relationship out into the open. Too bad she also just discovered that she's pregnant. How are they going to deal with that.
Nathan is the firm's Technical Support Manager. He enjoys being a snazzy dresser and is fairly satisfied with his life. Other than still being a little hung up on his ex-girlfriend, Ellie. So why has she emailed him?
Sophie had a crush on Nathan, but he kindly and firmly rejected her. So she's been dating. Online and through apps. But it's been going horribly. Maybe she should just grab a chance with Tony A. Wood.
Calum is dating Mia. He's trying to figure out how to propose. He's worried not only about rejection, but about losing his job. Which is why the call from a headhunter is so enticing.
Just a wonderful peek at one day in the lives of many people with enough of a glimpse at each that you can get a sense of them and realize how it is that they've gotten here and where they're going.

Four stars
This book comes out October 11

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