Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Terrible Beauty by Tasha Alexander

A Terrible Beauty by Tasha AlexanderIt was only a matter of time until Lady Emily's first marriage reared its ugly head. In this case, it's in the form of her first husband. It seems that he wasn't really dead after all and, now, on a vacation to Greece, he has decided to return to Emily's life. Of course, Emily doesn't believe it's him; but the man knows Philip's childhood stories. And he recounts the tale of the first time he met Emily.
As with many of the other Lady Emily books, the main narrative is interwoven with someone else's history, in this case, Philip's. It is here that we learn that Philip has been spending his time at various archaeological digs and has gotten involved in the black market. And it's this involvement that is leading someone to try and kill him.
I'm generally still enjoying the Lady Emily mysteries and I think regular readers will like this book but I feel that they are starting to get just a little repetitive.

Three and a half stars
This book comes out October 11

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