Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Second Chance Summer by Jill Shalvis

New series from Jill Shalvis. An okay start but I wasn't really feeling this particular book. I have a feeling other Shalvis fans may disagree. Definitely not bad enough for me to give up on the series.
Second Chance Summer by Jill ShalvisThe Kincaid family is an unusual one. Aidan and his brother, Gray, found out later in life that his father had two other families, twin boys and a girl. Eventually, all of the sibling ended up living with his mother. Their father was nowhere in sight. Now the family is struggling because their father mortgaged the family resort. When he sees that ex-flame Lily is back in town, he's stoked to see her.
Lily Danville is back in Cedar Ridge, not by her own doing. Her boss in San Diego had ordered her to leak some gossip to the press and then not only fired her, but blackballed her, when it all went south. Now Cedar Ridge Resort, working for her best friend Jonathon, is her only option. Even though it's the place where she lost both her sister and her father. And that was part of my problem with the story, how she worked her way through that (not a spoiler, this is a romance people). She is not very happy to see Aidan. He was a big part of the worst part of her life. Just because he's a super-hot firefighter/search and rescue dude doesn't mean that she's going to fall into bed with him. Except that, again, romance novel.
As I mentioned at the beginning, an okay story but I really didn't feel like Lily worked through her issues. There was more than a whiff of "magic wang" about this story.

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