Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thirteen Guests by J Farjeon

Thirteen Guests by J. Jefferson FarjeonI requested this novel on a whim from NetGalley and liked it well enough but it's definitely not one of my favorites. There were definitely some parts in the middle that dragged for me and I had some trouble keeping characters straight.

The whole story is set at a weekend hunting party hosted by Lord Aveling at his country house, Bragley Court. We follow along as the guests (and two more people) arrive at the local train station. One of the uninvited guests is a young man who hurts his foot at the station and is invited to the house by one of the guests. The other lurks mysteriously in a hotel across from the station and watches the guests roll in.

There were supposed to be 12 guests but the injured man brings the number to an unlucky 13, the last to arrive being Mr. Chattery when he follows his wife in. Mysterious events begin to occur-whispered meetings between unmarried people, a sinister threat overheard, a dog stabbed, and then people start dying. What is the purpose of these murders and why were they committed?

This didn't hit my sweet spot but if you enjoy classic mysteries, it may hit yours.

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