Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Twelve Dates of Christmas by Susan Meier

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Eloise Vaughn needs a job. Badly.
Ricky Langley needs a date. Badly
He's rich and desperate, she's poor(ish) and willing to help out. I don't generally like or gravitate toward category romance (too short for a real story) but this one wasn't bad. It's a trope that's been used before but with a twist that I hadn't read before. There were issues
He just wouldn't TALK. Oh my god, the wallowing. And then a slightly sudden change of heart? It's too short a story to do any real growth, and we did see some, but I was sort of shocked how quickly his brain finally got it all together.
The ending was a little too over the top. But this was overall a pretty good book. I'm glad to have gotten this book from NetGalley and will keep a look out for Laura Beth's story (how slimy was the guy she was dating? Eww.)

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