Thursday, November 6, 2014

Make My Wish Come True by Fiona Harper

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Books about sibling interactions are always interesting to me and this book was no different. It's the typical story of an overachieving older sibling with a younger sibling who was always the "favored child."
Well, older sibling Juliet is tired of always being stuck with making things perfect for the family. Younger sibling, Gemma, was always the one adored and cosseted while Juliet had to make sure that the family stayed together. This year, Juliet's juggling a divorce as well as trying to create the picture-perfect Christmas. She really needs Gemma's help but her sister is too busy running around glamorous movie sets to be of any help. And now she's booked a fantasy vacation in the Caribbean. When Juliet freaks out, Gemma suggests (rather forcibly) that they switch Christmases.
During their time, each sister learns a little about the other. While the ending was a bit... more than I thought it needed to be, I overall came away with very good feels for this book. Liked the character development, liked the characters, and, even if this wasn't an entirely new take on sibling relationships, it was at least an entertaining one.

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