Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Girl Who Knew Too Much by Amanda Quick

The Girl Who Knew Too Much by Amanda QuickThe book opens with the murder of Anna Harris' boss. It seems her boss had an extremely valuable notebook. One that she left for Anna. So Anna quickly heads out the door and quietly disappears to California, becoming newspaper reporter Irene.
Too bad she gets tangled up in another murder. Well, it actually seems to be a series of drownings. She finds an informant dead in the pool of a very exclusive pool, a pool that Irene herself has to swim across in order to get away from the murderer. So now there are two murders and we're barely three chapters into the book.
Overall, this was a fun book, very much a throwback to some of the early Krentz works that I adore. If you're a regular Krentz reader, I think you'll figure out the "twist" in the story. The pacing was a bit uneven with the beginning and ending being WAY fast while the middle was long and slower (not slow, just slow-er). I got an ARC so there were also a few anachronisms but hopefully those will be weeded out before the final book.
I really hope that we will see Ogden's secretary Raina Kirk getting together with Luther Pell, somewhat shady club proprietor, in a future book.

Three and a half stars (honestly, will probably be four once it's better edited but I can only judge what I read)
This book comes out May 9

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