Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Sticks and Bones by Carolyn Haines

Sticks and Bones (Sarah Booth Delaney, # 17)Sarah Booth Delaney and her posse are back. And they're all united at being pissed at Frangelica "Sister" McFee, a local girl who has profited off the death of her brother and mother in a mysterious car accident. She even refers to Tinkie as "Stinky." Really, now. Now a film company is in town, getting ready to turn her story into a movie. But Sister isn't the only McFee whose name is out the world. Her father is making quite a name for himself while he runs for Senate, showing off his young, pregnant wife and denigrating Putin as much as possible.
Sarah and Tinkie are brought into the case when the filmmakers hire them to find out who killed Sister's family. They run into some people who really, really don't want them to find out the truth.
Regular Haines readers will not be disappointed.

Three and a half stars
This book comes out May 16

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