Monday, May 1, 2017

A Perfect Manhattan Murder by Tracy Kiely

Nic and Nigel, the gender-swapped, modern day Thin Man couple, are back for another fast-paced, quip-exchanging mystery. This was VERY loosely based on "Another Thin Man" but don't think that if you know the movie, you'll be on an inside track to figure out the murderer. This book is very fairly clued though and you should probably be able to figure it out.
Nic and Nigel are back in New York City to watch her friend Penny's new play. They are also seeing a third friend, Harper who is married to, Dan, the play critic for Vanity Fair. Nic and Nigel aren't excited about a dinner with Dan and Harper since the man is an egotistical bore. Harper just had their baby six months ago but Dan couldn't care less. He's even rented a "weekend apartment" so that he can work without having to listen to the baby cry.
When Dan turns up dead in the apartment, Harper is the most obvious suspect, though far from the only. He angered a lot of people with his reviews; he was working on a book that was going to be an expose of sorts and threatened to reveal a lot of people's secrets. And it's possible he was having an affair.
If you liked the first book, you'll certainly like this book. If you like books that are fast, fun, and fluffy with rapid-fire dialogue a la The Thin Man (sometimes quoted directly from the movie), you'll like this book. I don't think having seen the movies is a must, but it certainly wouldn't hurt.

Four stars
This book comes out May 8
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