Saturday, February 25, 2017

Someone to Hold by Mary Balogh

In the first book of this series, Camille Westcott discovered that, while she was pampered and haughty lady of the ton, all that could be taken away, and it was, when it was discovered that her father was a bigamist and Camille is a bastard. Of course, at this time, that meant that she immediately became an Untouchable. Okay, not that bad. But she's pushed out of the ton and the lord who had been circling her for marriage very publicly repudiates her. Camille soon learns she's stronger than she thinks and regroups, going to work in the very same orphanage that her newly-discovered half-sister grew up in. Of course, that means that she is in close contact with her sister's friend, Joel Cunningham.
Joel isn't impressed by Camille. Not at first. But as he gets to know her, through their teaching together and through her grandmother paying for him to paint both Camille and her sister. And he learns that this new Camille might be someone he could love.
I feel bad because Mary Balogh can usually hit me pretty hard in the feels. And this happened again... but... Balogh's books are usually romances. And this isn't different except that this book concentrates so much on the (amazing and heartfelt) evolution of Camille, that the romance is somewhat put in the shade. It was hard to see really why Joel's feelings changed to love. And, oh dear god, if there can ever be too much "happy" in an HEA, this book is a prime example.

Three stars
This book came out February 7
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