Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Nature Fix by Florence Williams

Why are so many people becoming near sighted? Why are depression levels up? How can we solve a myriad of problems including ways to become more creative? According to Florence Williams, we need to get out into nature. She travels all over the world looking at various studies, all of which seem to point at being in nature as being a vital part of a healthy life.
She starts with her own experience (which most readers will dismiss as being WAY too small a sample size) but uses that as a jumping off place to move to Japan where people are encouraged to take forest baths (shinrin). She looks at how nature is being used in South Korea and the national parks of the United States. She looks at the importance of silence, more specifically the silence of nature that is actually filled with sound. Then there are the many studies that have shown that recuperating patients heal faster and better when they have a room with a view. Williams looks at what other things are improved when people can look out at nature.
The subject is compelling and the writing is easy to follow. Williams includes large-ranging studies as well as her own personal experiences.

Four stars
This book comes out February 7

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