Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Brickleberry V.1 by Waco O'Guin, Roger Black

If you enjoyed the series, you will like this book. If you never watched the series... I'm not sure how it will go for you. I saw at least one review that was shocked, SHOCKED, by the violence and language. Though, how they picked up a book with the cover having a guy with a gun for an arm and didn't expect violence or language frankly stymies me.
Picking up right at the end of Season 3, we see the Steve of the future being sent back to stop the "ArMOOgeddon" by killing Woody. This volume includes all four of the previously published books in the series so we get to see the whole story including the Bovine Overlord sending back Future Bobby to thwart Future Steve, the return of the squabbits, Denzel stealing a time device so he can exploit Jesus, and many other stories including the exciting finale between our human soldiers and the cows.

Four stars
This book comes out February 14

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