Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sweet Little Lies by Jill Shalvis

Sweet Little Lies by Jill ShalvisUgh. This was such a battle in my head. One of my favorite authors tackling one of my least favorite tropes (the Big Lie, cousin to the dread Big Misunderstanding.) And while Shalvis made this trope at least palatable, it was still uncomfortable reading knowing that one character was hiding such a big thing from the other.
Pru has spent the majority of her time since her parents passed away trying to make it up to the people they harmed. Especially sexy Finn O'Reilly. But she doesn't want to "make it up to him;" she's just super attracted to him, even though her secret prevents her from getting into anything more than friendship. Or so she would believe...
Finn O'Reilly doesn't mind having dropped out of college to take care of his younger brother when their parents were killed. Well, mostly he doesn't. It does stick in his craw that his 22-year-old brother seems to be more party and less business while Finn has been supporting him. But other than that, he's fine. Especially now that sexy Pru finally seems to be returning his interest...

This book comes out June 28
Three stars

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