Thursday, June 23, 2016

Clover Honey by Rich Tommaso

Clover Honey by Rich TommasoI requested this book from Edelweiss because I liked the cover and the description of a woman working on becoming a hitwoman really hooked me. As I started paging through the ebook, I noticed that this is a reprint, that this book was originally published in 1995. And that makes a lot of sense, not only from the subject but also the illustrations.
The description is a bit disingenuous. I don't see that Abigail is really wanting to become a hitman (hitwoman?) as much as move up in her uncle's organization and be more helpful to him. Unfortunately, as she gets deeper, she realizes that she's a lot more naive than she thought she was. In fact, this whole story is about her world turning upside down as she realizes that almost everyone in her life has sides that she didn't realize.
I wish this book had been a little longer and that we had gotten more of Abigail's story. It's a book that I definitely would have enjoyed a little more when I was younger but still liked today.
This book comes out June 30
Three stars

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