Tuesday, June 7, 2016

This Calls for a Drink! by Diane McMartin

This Calls for a Drink! A Sommelier's Guide to the Best Wines... by Diane McMartinThis book has the wry and subtle humor that I was hoping for in Should I Scoop Out my Bagel?. I wish I had paid attention to the fact that this was a wine and beer book. I was really hoping for some good cocktail suggestions. But Diane McMartin writes with a sense of humor and a good idea of how her book might be used. I definitely think that dipping into it for particular instances or to read aloud with friends would be a blast. Reading it through all at once is a bit daunting and gets a bit repetitive. I also wish that in her "life celebrations" section, there hadn't been a gap in between 30 and 65. Each one was only a paragraph anyway, why not throw in turning 40 or 50 or even realizing your at the onset of menopause?
Overall, there is some great information in this book and I would definitely recommend it as a gift to someone who is either wanting to learn more about beer/wine or has a major life occasion happening soon.

Three stars
This book comes out June 14, 2016

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