Monday, March 17, 2014

When we met by Susan Mallery

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While Susan Mallery is usually a straight three-star author for me, I really enjoyed this book. The main characters could have been a little better about protection (though they did at least back up and do it right eventually, and she actually addressed the issue.) We also get to see some great character development with both our hero and heroine. His is a little faster than hers (lightning at the end, there, but believable).
Taryn Crawford has been introduced earlier in the series as a smart, capable woman who takes guff from no one, not even the three former professional football players she works with. While not super-stoked about moving their company from L. A. to Fool's Gold. 
It has it's perks though. One of them is Angel Whittaker, a chiseled man with a scar across his throat. A man who intrigues Taryn in a way that no banker or businessman ever could. 
Both have their pasts and it seems like their relationship could be perfect - Taryn doesn't believe in love and Angel no longer has a heart to give. But could working together with eight seven-year-old girls as well as getting to know each other better start to crack even the hardest of hearts?
I have to note that it's getting easier for me to suspend my disbelief about this tiny, little mountain town having so many people and festivals and huge companies. I live in a tiny, little mountain town with just under 900 people so it's been very difficult for me to read this series but... 13 books in and I'm getting there. 
Still way to many previous characters showing up and breaking my reading flow (Isabel? which one was she? Does it really matter? Maybe, Why can't I remember? Maybe I should just keep reading this one) but this is to be expected in this series.

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