Thursday, March 6, 2014

Kiss the Bride by Lucy Kevin

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The Wedding Dress
Anne Farleigh's life is about to change and investigator Gareth Cavendish is the one to do it. But how can he break this beautiful dressmaker's heart?
The Wedding Kiss
Rose Martin is about to get married to a dreamy doctor. So why does best friend RJ, the gardener at The Rose Chalet, make her heart go pitty-pat?
Sparks Fly
Angelina is a life organizer and she's just been hired to get Will Scott's life in order. His ex-wife hired him when she read that Angelina's clients had a habit of getting married right after she worked with them. Angelina knows Will's ex wants him back, which makes it just that much harder for her to ignore the feelings he's producing in her own heart.

Oh, Dear God-in-Heaven. If this hadn't been a NetGalley book, I would have stopped after the first story. Mary Sue was beyond TSTL. Between that and the lightning-fast romance which made absolutely no sense with the characters we were given, I was ready to give up on the story. 
The second story was okay but the third story, again, was one that I would have DNFd if I had the chance.
If you like stories with little "on-screen" sex and characters that are just a bit twee, you will like this story. Otherwise, steer clear.

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