Sunday, March 23, 2014

Always on my Mind by Bella Andre

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Finally, an Andre book where the hero isn't so much an alpha as an asshole.
This is the last book of the original Sullivan family. It's finally time for Lori (Naughty), one of two sisters, to get her man. She's finally fed up with her boyfriend indiscriminately cheating on her and using her to climb the ladder. She's flown back to California in a fit but doesn't want her family to know. So she rents a car and decides to go to Pescadero based on the fact that it's the clerk's favorite place to get away. Of course, Lori hasn't stopped to change (really?) so she's still wearing her dance outfit which causes quite a stir in the sleepy town of Pescadero. While in the general store, she sees an ad for a ranch hand and decides to answer it, because, why not?
Upon getting to the ranch, she immediately crashes into a fence pole. Because that's how you show that you're a capable ranch hand. But Grayson Tyler feels sorry for her. Or something. She just worms her way right into his house by picking up the chickens and making him dinner.
That's the first part of the story and by now, you can tell that you will have to suspend a lot of disbelief to get through this story. And while my recounting of the story may sound a little sarcastic, I was able to get through the whole book and not just because I needed to review it for NetGalley.
If you are an Andre fan, I think you will enjoy this book.

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