Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Importance of Being Wicked by Victoria Alexander

It is a testament to Victoria Alexander's writing that she had not one, but TWO, last-minute-unexpected-wrinkles and I still liked this book. A lot. If it had ended about 40 pages earlier, I would have liked it even more.
The minute Winfield Elliot, Viscout Stillwell (Win), was introduced in What Happens at Christmas, I knew that I wanted to read his story. The man has been engaged three times, three times! But Win is in a pickle not connected to a marriage at the moment. His family home has burned down (mostly, the wings are okay) and they have a limited time to rebuild before the annual summer fete.
Lady Garrett, Miranda, helped her husband with his architectural company. Actually, she was the architect, but let him take the forefront since they live in a time where women aren't allowed to be intelligent. Win's house is very important to her company. She knows that since her husband died, it's more and more likely that her secret will be discovered and she wants to make sure that her employees are going to be okay if her business fails.
I'm really, really enjoying the Millworth manor series (though I haven't read the novella) and read both books straight through. Can't wait to see if we get to read more, like maybe Bianca's story (Miranda's sister who is having problems with her husband... even to the point of considering divorce). Bianca is a caring sister and the glimpses of her character that we see in this book makes me hope that she can find her own HEA.

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